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Don't Tap That is a game where the player must tap the dots as they move down the screen to score points.  Be Careful Though!  Not all of the dots can give you points.  Red, Green, and Black dots will cost you lives.  Can you survive for a minute without loosing your lives and come away with the high score?  Play "Don't Tap That" to find out.

* Note from Developer *

This game is currently in development and should be treated as such.  For the latest news, watch the devlog . 

Install instructions

Android Version:

1. Download the zip file, DontTapThatGame.zip.

2. Extract the files into your desired location on your computer

3.  Open the file location you extracted the game files to

4. Hook your phone to your computer with a usb cable ( usually your charging cord will work)

5. Make sure to set your phone to File Transfer

6. Find your phone in the left side bar of the file explorer window

7. Navigate to a directory on your phone you wish to save the file to

8. Copy the 'Don't Tap That.apk' file to your phone

9. Unhook your phone from your computer

10. Navigate to the directory you saved the file on your phone

11. Tap on the 'Don't Tap That.apk' file and click Install and the game will be installed

12. Click open to play the game.

Windows Version:

1. Download and extract DontTapThat.zip

2. Run the 'DontTapThat' application

3. In the pop-up select windowed mode and click play


Don'tTapThat.zip 40 MB
DontTapthatGame.zip 39 MB

Development log

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